Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heavenly wedding banquet?

Matthew 22 speaks of a parable making the kingdom of Heaven like a wedding banquet. I mean i have attended many wedding and they all have the same traditions but I was really curious to know what that had to do with the kingdom of heaven!

Without a doubt at every wedding there is a Bride (duh its the biggest day of there life), Groom (definitely need one of those), Food (yummy) and Guests (there must be witnesses to this wonderful day!).

Revelations 19:7 says that WE must be Joyous because we were invited to the wedding of the lamb. Curious enough the lamb is not only Christ but not just the Christ we know of 2,000 years ago... this is speaking of the Second Coming Christ! The book of Revelations was written way after Christ had ascended to heaven!

The bible even speaks of the Bride in Revelations 22:17; the Spirit and bride call US! but who is this bride because I had never heard of this! Who is this bride?

Revelations 21:9 speaks of the Bride = Jerusalem. But it says coming down from heaven?? NO city has come down from heaven so lets see who is this Jerusalem:

Galations 4:26... Jerusalem = Mother..... Bride = Mother!!!