Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Numbers 19:1-21

In the Garden,
We walked with Mother,
beside the river,
of the water of life.
Day after day,
rejoicing always,
but we commited sin,
we lost Heaven.

"Come back to Heaven!"
You call Your children earnestly.
Day and night You pray for us,
to come into Your arms.
Oh Mother Jerusalem!
You came down from Heaven,
to save Your lost children.
We repernt of all our sins.

Our Mother, the red heifer,
on the altar's sacrificed.
Even though she is free,
she endures suffering--
so that we many understand,
Her love and sacrifice,
so that we could go back home,
so that we could be free.

The heifer is burned to ash,
giving us the water of life.
Even though she is innocent,
she does not utter a word.
Our Mother does not deserve to feel,
the pain of separation,
on account of our grievious sins,
we repent of all our sins.

When I doubt,
when I boast,
when I envy,
when I hate,
when I'm proud and angry,
when I'm self-seeking,
with tears in your eyes,
You wait patiently,
for me to repent,
and not sin again.

The cross that You bear for me,
on Your knees each night you pray for me.
You pray that I will understand,
Your love and sacrifice.
But, now I want to bear my cross,
and follow You earnestly.
With all my heart and all my soul,
I repent of all my sins.

(Gen 2:15-17, Gen 3-,Rom 5:12, Eze 28:11-17, Psa 102:19-20, Luke 19:10, Matt 9:13, Rom 6:23, Eph 1:7, Matt 26:17-28, John 6:54, )

(Num 19:1-21, Heb 10:1-4, Rev 22:17, Rev 21:9-10, Gal 4:26)